Tehr Kahiel ir'Wynt

last male heir of the wynt house. diplomat, wizard, playboy




Tehr Kahiel ir’Wynt is the eldest child of the noble house Wynt. The second son of (FATHER NAME) ir’Wynt and Lady Christina Maria d’Montacello d’Wynt, Tehr was trained as a mage after showing innate natural talent at the craft. However after his elder brother (BROTHER NAME) died, shortly after the accidental death of (FATHER NAME), Tehr was forced to take on the duties required by the eldest child of a noble house. At his mother’s urging, he traveled to Londinium to try to resurect the glory of house Wynt. His father had led a reclusive life and the name Wynt had fallen from common politics in Britania over the last few decades. Armed with his noble name, a small steady income from his house’s holdings, and the ability to negotiate a contract for mining rights on the Wynt ancestral lands, Tehr made his way to Londinium with his most trusted Servant, Angelique Hlaford.

Tehr is a tall man standing six feet tall. He has a thin frame, having never been anywhere near as athletic as his more active (but now deceased) brother. Despite his thin frame however, he’s quite well endowed sexually, seven inches long and two inches across when fully erect. His hair is thick and black, a gift from his mother’s Italian side, Which he wears in a thick mob that falls down to around his jawline. He has thick eyebrows over dark brown eyes, but his skin is very light, a legacy of his English father.

Tehr is a charming, somewhat manipulative, nobleman. He respects those of lower social standing and does his best to treat everyone as somewhat equal despite station. His mother, a very strong personality, raised him to treat women as equals, despite what society might otherwise say. Because of this he tends to treat everyone fairly at first, which sometimes can disarm other nobles that meet him, and often earns him the respect and friendship of people who ‘should’ be below his social station. The disadvantage to this however is that some nobles look at him as not ‘proper’ in respecting social boundaries.

Finally, Tehr is an absolute lech, and borderline sex addict. This makes sense considering that his preferred field of magical study is that of the primal, and blue magic, or magic regarding sex. However it has gotten him into trouble in the past. Not only with a history of indiscreet relationships, but also just with a wandering eye that’s gotten him in trouble once or twice. He’s aware of his weakness for women, but can’t seem to stay focused at times when presented with an opportunity to satiate his physical desires.

Tehr Kahiel ir'Wynt

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